Tuesday, October 12, 2010



You know being an artist is hard.

Ah you thought it was all brushes with little dabs of color

and Patrick Swayze sitting behind you while soft clay swirled in your hands.

Let me explain…..

There comes a time when EVERYTHING IS ART. Or can be used for ART.

Or something creative. I.E. Paper for instance. I got into international collage postcard trading (Thanks to Lu Ellen).

Each month is a different theme, so every time I see something colorful or vivid I save it in a little envelope at work. When these little envelopes get full I being them home.

I now have 32 little envies at home filled with fuzzy, curly, cute and vivid pieces of paper.

That is not the worst part. While making a collage you inevitably have to cut some of these vivid papers into shapes to fit or match your theme. Now these littler pieces fall to the counter top and start to make there own abstract design.


And the sharpenings from my color pencils can also make a great


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Harnising the Energy

Grandma post (Warning!!!)

I always like to do that because before I was a Gramma I would run away as someone pulled out their wallet or brag book to show me just how cute their little darlings were.

Yep I did not understand how important those little daily reminders
that we all did something GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like continue our family line was.

Now I do.

Anyhow. I know why God gives babies to younger women.
The energy they extrude is remarkable.

If we could only harness this energy OUR DEPENDANCE ON FOREIGN OIL WOULD SURELY END!!!

We only have one grand child for now; there is another one in the oven at baby school learning how to be cute, manipulative and devious.

Our grand daughter Kylie is very smart and very athletic

(see picture of her at 5 months trying to stand and play the WII)

I should probably send that pic into ninendo to use for a commercial.

Kylie likes to dive from one piece of furniture to another.

We were enjoying a little snack at the dinner table when she stood up and got that look on her face.

Omg she started to jump from her chair to mine.

Well right before she hit the floor I reached out and grabbed a handful of sweatshirt, right by her belly button.

Well she didn’t hit the floor by the grace of God.

But she had this look on her face (Like gramma is not as fast as Auntie Amy)

and her mouth was frozen in a huge “OH” like (That coulda hurt the baby)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Enny, meenie, miney, Moe, (NOT FOR THE SQUEEMISH)


Enny, meenie, miney, Moe, (NOT FOR THE SQUEEMISH)

Well you know how the rest of the poem goes.

Okay so do to the fact of wearing pumps for so many years while
I was young and stupid; now I am old and stupid

My poor Feetsies suffered much.

After toe surgery (trying not to get to descriptive here)10 years ago
I thought I was home free. No more ingrown toenails and no more pain.

All was good
Until a month ago while (now this is ironic)
I was pulling out my winter shoe bin and pushing over my summer shoe bin.

The winter shoe bin hit My big toe nail and pulled it completely up. &^%&%&%&%^&%&!!!!!
(Sorry I prolly should have put a warning label on this post) In fact I will do that now.

Okay so I am like leaving for work in 5 minutes. (Naturally)
I wrap the toe up in paper towel and grab a pair of sandals that have a wide opening. And off to work I go.

Thank heavens I work in a machine shop so many many tools are at my hands. I asked the tool crib guy for a pair of wire cutters, some of those band aids over there and two Tylenols.

After performing minor surgery on my left foot. (Hey that’s a movie right) I took two Tylenols and tried to work.

Well there was this little piece of toe nail still stuck to my toe!

So I did what every normal person would do Call the Doctor?????????????

Nope, I tried to use pliers to pull it the rest of the way off.

Not having the correct tools, the operating table or the anesthesia, I couldn’t get the job done.

Long story shorter, I somehow got in to see a podiatrist the same day. He is kinda balding, with a goatee mustache, not bad looking but pretty young. He says he likes my tattoos.

I am like “Cool do you have any??????????

“Na,” He replies studying my toe.

“Do you trust me?” He asks.

“No!” I laugh “I just met you.” “Maybe if you had a few tattoos, I would.”

“I think it’s just barely caught here at the edge.” He continues.

“Let me just give it a quick pull and we will be done.”

I look at him and of course I say


Ha you thought I was going to say “NO WAY MAN!”

Well I should have, cause it hurt like a ^&&^%!!!!!!

I could have one of my shop guys put my leg in a vise and do the same thing.

(For a lot less $$$$ too)

Anyhow he numbed it up, took it off and made sure it was not going to
Bother me ever again.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leather and lace

I have been having so much fun making atc’s. Those little pieces of artwork all on a tradable 2.5 x 3.5 piece of cardstock. We were asked to make a fabric ATC for this month. The designs were all gorgeous.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wake Me up before you Go Go.

You can’t go until you Go.

Lolol Well my poor husband had knee surgery
Monday Morning. He had partial knee replacement.

He was in all sorts of a good mood because the anesthesiologist had put a “Femoral Block” in to the
Knee that had the surgery. They kept it there for two days.

Now that they took the block off he can feel pain, twinges,
tingles and tightness in the knee.

Long story short they won’t let him go until he goes.

And for those of you recently released from the hospital you know what that means.

Well how the heck can they expect you to “go” with just a curtain around?
You. The guy next to your’s TV blaring “The Price Is Right”.

All those doctors, nurses and visitors wandering around the halls with
Their “c.o.w.s.” computer on wheels. My youngest daughter just became an
RN. So that is how I know what a c o w is.

Any how I do expect him to be home tonight so he had better “GO”.

P.S. Please don’t tell him I blogged about this.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July

Our city celebrates the Fourth of July the week before.
Maybe they get the fireworks cheaper, or maybe just maybe we have it
Early so everyone from all the surrounding towns can come and
Celebrate with us.

That’s probably it. Anyhoooooooo it’s a three day celebration
Culminating with fireworks on Saturday evening. My husband and I
Wait till the sun goes down a bit (yep used to get my best tan on the
Fourth of July) and head up to the park.

What is really neat is for the last five or so years we can spend our
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on ourselves!!! There aren’t little hands reaching
Into our back pockets begging for this t shirt, or this hat, this slushy
Or this double crust deep pan pepperoni pizza slice.

It has been nice hitting the beer/wine booth first and then meandering up and down
The center vendor isle choosing which delectable tastes we want to sample.
This year we had a Greek salad, a huge Italian sausage and some Italian ice.

Ah life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But we do know that our first grand child is coming up the ranks fast so our $$$$$$$$$$$$
Next year will not be ours anymore.

Oh well it was sure nice while it lasted.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The tang of the freshly cut lawn drifted through the summer air.
Daddy’s grass cutter as it was called back then engraved neat little diagonal contours through the jade patches.

Sarah was born in the 50’s at the far end of the Baby Boom. In a time where parents didn’t worry as much about their children as they do today. It really was a simpler time for all.

Situated against her favorite tree Sarah was veiled from the rest of the world.
The mature weeping willow with its gently swaying tresses kept her perfectly concealed.
And that was what she treasured.

Being a quiet creative person, she thrived by her self. No silly questions to answer,
no prying eyes and no sharing her Precious items!

One of which she now held close to her heart.

Someone might break it by dropping it or throwing it across the room as her older brother
often threatened to do. If she didn’t stop “borrowing” his brown jeans.

Sarah forgot all her worries as she stretched out beneath her shelter and viewed the sky.

It was definitely magic she knew that much.

How else could she see so many colors?

With a flick of her wrist, the clouds seemed to part and rainbows of swirling color parade before her vary eyes. It was almost as if she controlled the crimsons, aquamarines and tangerines that mirrored in her sight.

She loved the complex colors and shapes appearing and disappearing.

It was her own private dream world where everything had dimension, color and composition.

Everything was perfect for Sarah today, under the shade of the old weeping willow.

Sports Illustrated Swim Suit?

It has been raining so much lately, I am glad I learned to swim.
You never know.
(See video). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydSjiwWpG34

We took this video not too long ago.
We live at the end of a street, where all the water seems to slope down too.

So seeing canoes and little boats in the middle of the intersection is not to rare of an occurrence.
I have called the mayor numerous times asking him if he would like to purchase the four houses on the corner.
(Okay so only one is mine) tear them down and make a retention basin or a park out of them.
His answer to that was
“Why would I make the city spend all that money for something that happens every 100 years?”
Well I am not anywhere near 100 years old and it’s happened 4 times already.
(Okay some days I do look and feel 100.)

The water crawls up the front yards and gets into the crawl spaces which aren’t very deep, about 18”. That is why there aren’t too many basements in my Town.

Well the garden is looking fabulous and the grass is as high as an Elephant’s eye.

Let’s hope I still look good in last years swim suit.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forks in the Road


I probably should have studied my first love
I would have much more satisfaction
digging up diamonds and rubies.
Brushing the ancient dust off
each gem lovingly with a soft mink paint brush.

Than I do sitting at a desk typing
and logging and invoicing etc.

Hmmmmmmmmm okay my daughter says
“Mom you can always go back to school.”
And she is right, but who would help pay the mortgage, food, bills and her collage expenses?
It’s nice to know she supports my idea of learning anyway.

How did I get where I am today? Was there a fork in the road that pointed one way to Carpel tunnel land or Indiana Jones?

I wish it had been that clear, instead of the vagueness of the paths that fork off, giving us
No idea to where and what we are headed.

Can we turn back? Once headed down a particular road? Or do we realize too late that we are on the wrong path?

Has anyone ever turned back and lived to tell the tale????????

I am sure some one has and there are books written all about it on shelves in many libraries all over the world.

Yes I will probably watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom tonight.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You are Never to Old To Learn

They say everyday is an opportunity for learning.

I do heartily agree with that.

I learned that the extra bottle of Cayenne pepper sprinkled on my growing garden
Will keep the little moochers away

As well as my dog who thinks he is fertilizing my garden, but is NOT!!!!!!!!!!

I also realized that those rusty tomato cages that I threw away last fall could be used today.

Oh well live and learn. My five tomato plants look strong and hearty. The two peppers
Plants are small and sleepy. (At this rate the salsa will not be ready till Christmas Eve.)

The basil looks good, but munched by some little creature.

(Doesn’t he know that Farfalle with tomato Basil sauce is $12.95 At Solace?”)

Little bastards are not getting my basil.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Jewelry Making Supplieshttp://fiberartsmixedmedia.ning.com/profile/jeanne

Have you ever done something you know is really stupid? But did it anyway?

Well I have been in ‘STUPID MODE” For about a month now. I just keep
Doing the same stupid things over and over, as if I can’t help it.

These Stupid things are really too Stupid to list here, or else I would.
Just know That I am being stupid.

So I decided to do a self portrait of a Jester today,
to show myself visually just How stupid I am
acting and just how stupid I look.

Let’s hope that Stupid leaves the building fast.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The sky has cleared,
All clouds have dispersed.
Though the sun
does not smile today.

She gradually gets up
off of her knees
though she was not aware
Of submitting.

The crimson flows
from the cuts and scrapes
The saline does
fall from her eyes.

She finally acknowledges
The loss.

Why must it always be Me?”
She asks
to no one in particular.

And no one
in particular

Life's Pallet

Jewelry Making Supplieshttp://fiberartsmixedmedia.ning.com/profile/jeanne

The colors were a soft grey,
almost a caress.
The expression one rather
of worry not to inflict pain.

Though the terms
would have been painful
in any shade.

She appreciated that no knife
Was present to be pushed
into the already bruised flesh.

She nodded in agreement
Almost as if expecting these hues
to be squeezed onto her life’s Pallet.

Isn’t this what she wanted?
Wasn’t this what she asked for?
It was truly an answer to the prayer
she had been praying.

She wished it had been mauve,
Crimson or Phalo Blue.
“It is what it is.”
He told her.

She tried to hold her head up high
And thank and praise her creator.
But the future she wondered
what shades would it bring?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Re- Occuring dream

Jewelry Making Supplieshttp://fiberartsmixedmedia.ning.com/profile/jeanne

I am dreaming of this rundown house we purchased awhile back.
I keep forgetting that we have it.
We must have bought it at a good price.
Every once In a while I remember it
and the fact that we haven’t taken possession of it yet and cleaned it out.
It is always the same house in my dream.
It’s terribly run down on the outside and when I wake up I am so glad that we didn’t really buy this house.

This time I remember telling my Grandpa to come and see it
and he shook my hands off him and made a sound
that he was outraged with the whole idea.

So I looked at my key chain and found the right keys.

My Husband went on ahead of me. That means something.
There were two fire trucks in the garage
that I knew I could get a pretty penny for on ebay.

When I got in the house I yelled hello there!!!!!!!!
And some little children came out.
I was not surprised that the house was occupied.
I told them it was okay and that they could stay.
But some of the older ones would have to pay rent,
which my husband said 250.00 a month was good.

I wanted enough to pay the mortgage, but my husband
Said $250.00 was good enough.

I remember the inside condition of the house was improving
Without us possessing it. I noticed a lot less furniture and antiques.
I remember trying to step out on to the terrace which I was delighted was
There, but not sure that the wooden floor boards would support my weight.

I also remember that the center of the house had become a store. And of course
I picked up some watercolor books and paints. I was surprised that the occupants of
The house hadn’t given us any money from the sales of the store since it was our house.

And then I noticed a white kitchen in the back and knew that it was a test kitchen for
My daughter Amy. It also had an apartment for her.

I awoke and again was glad that we hadn’t purchased that house.

Okay now for the translation. Grandpa, keys, Husband, fire trucks, terrace and rickety floor boards, and children.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Jewelry Making Supplieshttp://fiberartsmixedmedia.ning.com/profile/jeanne

My Gosh it’s been 2:30 forever. I know you are not supposed to watch water boil or watch the clock when waiting for quitting time, but I keep hoping at least the time will pass 2:30.

It always seems to get stuck at that time.

America the land of opportunity. Yes it is…….. The opportunity to work your self to death.
Why do we work so hard 5 days a week only to have two days off at the end of that week?
Something is wrong with the math. Why don’t we work hard 2 days a week to enjoy 5 glorious days off?

I am just really really finally getting tired of getting up early each morning, only to stand
In front of my closet trying to figure out what I am going to wear to work that day.

And then while at work, sit and wonder what I am going to make for dinner that night.

And for years people have been crossing our borders for just this same reason.

I guess I am getting old and crabby, but I really don’t see the point of working so much for so little.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Latest Gems

Jewelry Making Supplieshttp://fiberartsmixedmedia.ning.com/profile/jeanne

This is one of my latest creations. Its a smoky Quartz necklace with a toggle front closure.

Cars and More Cars

My life every evening is like a Marx Brothers movie.
After dinner my husband Asks the kids”
What time do you have school?”,
“What time do you work tomorrow?”
“When you coming home etc?”.

That is the determination of whose car goes first, second, 12th or last.
I can’t believe just how many cars fit into the driveway?
It’s ridiculous.
There are 4 or 5 cars running in the street
while my husband pulls them in according to each one’s schedule.
One time a cop was out there writing a ticket for two cars.
My husband yelled “I am moving cars!”

Now the police in our city know that at 10:00 pm
there is the great CAR SWITCH.

It’s crazy.

When I was a kid, we had one car.
My Dad took it to work.
If my Mom wanted it she had to drive him to the train station
so he could take the train downtown.
We as teenagers never thought of having our own car.

I didn’t even get my drivers license till I was married.

on any given night
our driveway
looks like a used car lot.

Jewelry Making Supplieshttp://fiberartsmixedmedia.ning.com/profile/jeanne

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life's a Beach

I always wondered why “older People” could actually sit around and
Talk about their aches and pains, there bursitis, bunions, hemoroids and
acid reflux. I thought I am never going to be talking about that stuff to
Haaaaaaaaaa but then I got older……………………………………….

Now I have a doctor for almost every body part I have. So happy I do not
Have 4 legs and 4 arms and two heads.

Ah its hell to get old. Today’s people are getting “things” our parents didn’t get till they
Were 70 years of age. Today it’s in our 30’s and 40’s that we are acquiring more care,
More doctors and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Well enough about that.

I always like to do Beach scenes, cause laying on a beach with a pina colada is my idea of relaxing.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is In The Air

On my way to work today, I actually had the window
Part of the way rolled down to get some fresh air.

It was just so nice to hear the birds singing.
Its always a sign of Spring to me.
Especially when I can hear the Male cardinals
singing to woo a mate into their area.

Which brings up a subject.

Why are the male birds so absolutely beautiful and stunning,
while the female birds are dull and sometimes, not always colorless and dull?
I know its nature’s way of helping the males of the species attract and acquire a mate.

From the bright red of the male cardinal to the vibrant blues and teals of the male peacock, it’s obvious the female of the species got a little short changed in the color department.
The same is also seen in the human species on the planet.
Case in point, when a man gets older and grayer- he is a handsome and distinguished man, while the female is just old and wrinkled.

His wrinkles add character to his handsome face, while the female runs to the nearest drug store for the latest wrinkle cream.

IT’S JUST NOT FAIR. Oh well can’t fight city hall.

Windy City

As soon as I put all my boots in the back of the closet in their bin (I won’t tell ya how many pairs, that’s another story) the snow started to fall. In Chicago we are kind of used to that. That is why they tell you never to plant your garden before Memorial Day. But some of usStill just don’t listen.

I can see the lilac bush in the front yard starting to bud; as well as the magnolia tree
across the street. This blooming period only lasts about 2 weeks at most, so I love to savor every minute of it.
The little yellow of my forsythia are starting to appear as well as the tulip leaves in my
Back yard.
My absolute favorite is my lilac bushes! I have the light purple and the kind of mauve ones. I would love a bush of the white and the really dark purple.
Though I did promise my husband that I would stop planting things that he would have to dodge and weave around while cutting the grass.
I thought I had a point here, but it eludes me. Lol Any how it’s gray and kind of rainy today here in Chicago. Let’s hope the weekend brings warm spring winds our way.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dog ate my Retainer

I just received the nicest phone call from my daughter Amy.

She is turning 23 this Friday.

She actually called and I could hear something sad in her voice.

She said “Mom the dentist wants $165.00 down for my new retainer.
(The dog got a hold of it last night and chewed it all to pieces).

And then she said “My birthday party is Friday and dinner usually costs you and Dad about $250.00 and plus you always give me money in a card.”

By now she is sobbing uncontrollably.

“And then my pills are ready for pick up at CVS.”

“How are you and Dad ever going to be able to retire?”

“Mom I really don’t need a birthday dinner.”

I told her “thank you for thinking of us.” (I wish the other two kids could hear this conversation.)
Dad and I are fine and we already put money aside for your birthday dinner.

“Besides I already made your Birthday cards, so we have to have dinner.”
I heard a little giggle at that point.

Its really nice to know that somehow and somewhere in the world, some kids actually know and appreciate what their parents are doing for them.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Really Weird and Ugly

Isn’t it true that we always find the time to do the things we like?
Well most of the time anyway. Like for instance, I never have time
To do the dishes and the laundry is always piling up. The mail never
Gets sorted. But ohhhhhhhhhh my ATC’S and my dolls are always
A work in progress.

Anyhow, I searched online for a group that makes dolls. Unique and different was what I was hoping for.


Was who I found. The artists there are so NICE. You know sometimes when you join a new group it takes weeks if not even months for someone to say “HI”. Well these Gals are the best. The dolls are creative, different and very unique. So let us hope that I finally found a home for my Really weird and ugly dolls.
If not……. Then that will be the name of my new group I create. Here is a doll Named "Windy" she is for a March swap.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I found a wonderful site that gives you a "Prompt a day" Its a truly wonderful inspiration site with many many artists and talented people. I chose to do the prompt "Courage"


Friday, February 26, 2010

Do the Numbers

Have you ever noticed……… That while driving to work (those of you who are retired GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! )

Many of us do the same motions over and over. We get into the car, adjust the mirrors, Put on the seat belt, make sure there are no people or toys behind us and we pull out of the drive.

We take the same way; make the same stops and turns. And always seem to even
Get behind the same person we drove behind yesterday.

Okay I am a defensive driver and no speed racer, but this person is always in the left lane going 30 miles per hour In a 45 zone!

I am in no hurry to get to work, unless I am running late of course (and that would be due to harvesting my crops on FARMVILLE.) So I just stay behind them and crawl to work.

My point is we all do almost the same thing every day (what are the odds of being behind the same person 4 days in a row? I guess it all comes down to numbers.
Everything in life is a mathematical equation. Which would explain why the show “Numbers” is in its 6th season.

Just my thought for today!!!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

A prompt a day.

I was so lucky to have found a site, where the host gives us daily prompts to help inspire us to do our journal pages.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life's a Beach

Our inspiration today was
The Bucket List. http://yourlifespelledout.blogspot.com/

So I started thinking about all the things I would love
To do before I “Kicked the Bucket” Well of course
My mind went “Rogue” and took off in a completely
Different direction.
Typical for me to not follow directions. But that is the
Way the mind and art works. An idea is mixed on the canvas
And the colors are spoken with the brush in many languages.
Anyhow I could ramble on and on here so to make a long story
Short, there has been too much death in my life lately so my
Mind completely escaped from the idea and found
“Buckets” that I loved, brought me joy and of course humor.
I hope you life my Journal page Titled “