Thursday, June 17, 2010

You are Never to Old To Learn

They say everyday is an opportunity for learning.

I do heartily agree with that.

I learned that the extra bottle of Cayenne pepper sprinkled on my growing garden
Will keep the little moochers away

As well as my dog who thinks he is fertilizing my garden, but is NOT!!!!!!!!!!

I also realized that those rusty tomato cages that I threw away last fall could be used today.

Oh well live and learn. My five tomato plants look strong and hearty. The two peppers
Plants are small and sleepy. (At this rate the salsa will not be ready till Christmas Eve.)

The basil looks good, but munched by some little creature.

(Doesn’t he know that Farfalle with tomato Basil sauce is $12.95 At Solace?”)

Little bastards are not getting my basil.


Betsy said...

happy theme thursday!

PattiKen said...

Mmm, I see a good meal developing here.

Brian Miller said...

that is a huge bunny!