Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sports Illustrated Swim Suit?

It has been raining so much lately, I am glad I learned to swim.
You never know.
(See video).

We took this video not too long ago.
We live at the end of a street, where all the water seems to slope down too.

So seeing canoes and little boats in the middle of the intersection is not to rare of an occurrence.
I have called the mayor numerous times asking him if he would like to purchase the four houses on the corner.
(Okay so only one is mine) tear them down and make a retention basin or a park out of them.
His answer to that was
“Why would I make the city spend all that money for something that happens every 100 years?”
Well I am not anywhere near 100 years old and it’s happened 4 times already.
(Okay some days I do look and feel 100.)

The water crawls up the front yards and gets into the crawl spaces which aren’t very deep, about 18”. That is why there aren’t too many basements in my Town.

Well the garden is looking fabulous and the grass is as high as an Elephant’s eye.

Let’s hope I still look good in last years swim suit.

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Brian Miller said...

nice. everytime we get a storm the bottom of the packyard becomes a river. its pretty amazing to watch...and we have sailed paper boats there but...