Monday, March 19, 2012


I stumble through
The fog,
Which for now is my
They tell me.
What did I do
To deserve
Such a veil over my eyes?

Who is controlling
The regulator?
Who watches to
See that they
Do not press
The wrong buttons?
On a conveyor belt
Moving fast
To what end?

I want out of this frail
Human shell.
With its weakness
And over sensitive neurons.
Forever transmitting
Erroneous signals.

Ah to just sleep
And not too dream
About childhood puzzle
Pieces, that I can no
Longer assemble.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


You know being an artist is hard.

Ah you thought it was all brushes with little dabs of color

and Patrick Swayze sitting behind you while soft clay swirled in your hands.

Let me explain…..

There comes a time when EVERYTHING IS ART. Or can be used for ART.

Or something creative. I.E. Paper for instance. I got into international collage postcard trading (Thanks to Lu Ellen).

Each month is a different theme, so every time I see something colorful or vivid I save it in a little envelope at work. When these little envelopes get full I being them home.

I now have 32 little envies at home filled with fuzzy, curly, cute and vivid pieces of paper.

That is not the worst part. While making a collage you inevitably have to cut some of these vivid papers into shapes to fit or match your theme. Now these littler pieces fall to the counter top and start to make there own abstract design.


And the sharpenings from my color pencils can also make a great


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Harnising the Energy

Grandma post (Warning!!!)

I always like to do that because before I was a Gramma I would run away as someone pulled out their wallet or brag book to show me just how cute their little darlings were.

Yep I did not understand how important those little daily reminders
that we all did something GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like continue our family line was.

Now I do.

Anyhow. I know why God gives babies to younger women.
The energy they extrude is remarkable.

If we could only harness this energy OUR DEPENDANCE ON FOREIGN OIL WOULD SURELY END!!!

We only have one grand child for now; there is another one in the oven at baby school learning how to be cute, manipulative and devious.

Our grand daughter Kylie is very smart and very athletic

(see picture of her at 5 months trying to stand and play the WII)

I should probably send that pic into ninendo to use for a commercial.

Kylie likes to dive from one piece of furniture to another.

We were enjoying a little snack at the dinner table when she stood up and got that look on her face.

Omg she started to jump from her chair to mine.

Well right before she hit the floor I reached out and grabbed a handful of sweatshirt, right by her belly button.

Well she didn’t hit the floor by the grace of God.

But she had this look on her face (Like gramma is not as fast as Auntie Amy)

and her mouth was frozen in a huge “OH” like (That coulda hurt the baby)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Enny, meenie, miney, Moe, (NOT FOR THE SQUEEMISH)

Enny, meenie, miney, Moe, (NOT FOR THE SQUEEMISH)

Well you know how the rest of the poem goes.

Okay so do to the fact of wearing pumps for so many years while
I was young and stupid; now I am old and stupid

My poor Feetsies suffered much.

After toe surgery (trying not to get to descriptive here)10 years ago
I thought I was home free. No more ingrown toenails and no more pain.

All was good
Until a month ago while (now this is ironic)
I was pulling out my winter shoe bin and pushing over my summer shoe bin.

The winter shoe bin hit My big toe nail and pulled it completely up. &^%&%&%&%^&%&!!!!!
(Sorry I prolly should have put a warning label on this post) In fact I will do that now.

Okay so I am like leaving for work in 5 minutes. (Naturally)
I wrap the toe up in paper towel and grab a pair of sandals that have a wide opening. And off to work I go.

Thank heavens I work in a machine shop so many many tools are at my hands. I asked the tool crib guy for a pair of wire cutters, some of those band aids over there and two Tylenols.

After performing minor surgery on my left foot. (Hey that’s a movie right) I took two Tylenols and tried to work.

Well there was this little piece of toe nail still stuck to my toe!

So I did what every normal person would do Call the Doctor?????????????

Nope, I tried to use pliers to pull it the rest of the way off.

Not having the correct tools, the operating table or the anesthesia, I couldn’t get the job done.

Long story shorter, I somehow got in to see a podiatrist the same day. He is kinda balding, with a goatee mustache, not bad looking but pretty young. He says he likes my tattoos.

I am like “Cool do you have any??????????

“Na,” He replies studying my toe.

“Do you trust me?” He asks.

“No!” I laugh “I just met you.” “Maybe if you had a few tattoos, I would.”

“I think it’s just barely caught here at the edge.” He continues.

“Let me just give it a quick pull and we will be done.”

I look at him and of course I say


Ha you thought I was going to say “NO WAY MAN!”

Well I should have, cause it hurt like a ^&&^%!!!!!!

I could have one of my shop guys put my leg in a vise and do the same thing.

(For a lot less $$$$ too)

Anyhow he numbed it up, took it off and made sure it was not going to
Bother me ever again.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leather and lace

I have been having so much fun making atc’s. Those little pieces of artwork all on a tradable 2.5 x 3.5 piece of cardstock. We were asked to make a fabric ATC for this month. The designs were all gorgeous.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wake Me up before you Go Go.

You can’t go until you Go.

Lolol Well my poor husband had knee surgery
Monday Morning. He had partial knee replacement.

He was in all sorts of a good mood because the anesthesiologist had put a “Femoral Block” in to the
Knee that had the surgery. They kept it there for two days.

Now that they took the block off he can feel pain, twinges,
tingles and tightness in the knee.

Long story short they won’t let him go until he goes.

And for those of you recently released from the hospital you know what that means.

Well how the heck can they expect you to “go” with just a curtain around?
You. The guy next to your’s TV blaring “The Price Is Right”.

All those doctors, nurses and visitors wandering around the halls with
Their “c.o.w.s.” computer on wheels. My youngest daughter just became an
RN. So that is how I know what a c o w is.

Any how I do expect him to be home tonight so he had better “GO”.

P.S. Please don’t tell him I blogged about this.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July

Our city celebrates the Fourth of July the week before.
Maybe they get the fireworks cheaper, or maybe just maybe we have it
Early so everyone from all the surrounding towns can come and
Celebrate with us.

That’s probably it. Anyhoooooooo it’s a three day celebration
Culminating with fireworks on Saturday evening. My husband and I
Wait till the sun goes down a bit (yep used to get my best tan on the
Fourth of July) and head up to the park.

What is really neat is for the last five or so years we can spend our
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on ourselves!!! There aren’t little hands reaching
Into our back pockets begging for this t shirt, or this hat, this slushy
Or this double crust deep pan pepperoni pizza slice.

It has been nice hitting the beer/wine booth first and then meandering up and down
The center vendor isle choosing which delectable tastes we want to sample.
This year we had a Greek salad, a huge Italian sausage and some Italian ice.

Ah life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But we do know that our first grand child is coming up the ranks fast so our $$$$$$$$$$$$
Next year will not be ours anymore.

Oh well it was sure nice while it lasted.