Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Harnising the Energy

Grandma post (Warning!!!)

I always like to do that because before I was a Gramma I would run away as someone pulled out their wallet or brag book to show me just how cute their little darlings were.

Yep I did not understand how important those little daily reminders
that we all did something GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like continue our family line was.

Now I do.

Anyhow. I know why God gives babies to younger women.
The energy they extrude is remarkable.

If we could only harness this energy OUR DEPENDANCE ON FOREIGN OIL WOULD SURELY END!!!

We only have one grand child for now; there is another one in the oven at baby school learning how to be cute, manipulative and devious.

Our grand daughter Kylie is very smart and very athletic

(see picture of her at 5 months trying to stand and play the WII)

I should probably send that pic into ninendo to use for a commercial.

Kylie likes to dive from one piece of furniture to another.

We were enjoying a little snack at the dinner table when she stood up and got that look on her face.

Omg she started to jump from her chair to mine.

Well right before she hit the floor I reached out and grabbed a handful of sweatshirt, right by her belly button.

Well she didn’t hit the floor by the grace of God.

But she had this look on her face (Like gramma is not as fast as Auntie Amy)

and her mouth was frozen in a huge “OH” like (That coulda hurt the baby)


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