Monday, November 3, 2008

As you can see, I love to work in Black, white and Red. The colors just seem so powerful together. I think they really convey a strong statement.

God's Country

My favortite time of year is Autumn.

Especially Autumn in Rhinelander Wisconsin.

Just when I thought I have captured every possible flower, tree and view "Up North" I seem to find another. Each scene more beautiful than the last.

This is God's Handiwork!!!!!! Year after year he presents the end of Summer to us with an amazing array of gorgeous color.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hello I am your Server

Years ago I was a server as an occupation or career if you will. I believe that everyone should be a server in some type of establishment, to learn some basic people skills.You learn how to listen, how to smile, how to accurately describe each succulent dish. You learn patience…waiting till a customer decides what he wants now that your other tables are ready to order and he has been sitting there looking at the menu for 15 minutes. You learn how to be gracious-when a customer says “I didn’t order this, or I said Well Done!” You just smile and take it back to the kitchen and tell the cook to make it over. (While you and the other servers feast on whatever the customer rejected) So mistakes weren’t exactly a bad thing. I actually liked many of the places I worked. Mostly the Ma and Pa establishments, because there was a great sense of family and of course I was one of the family. And also because I love to eat!!!!!!!!!!! No I am not as big as a house. (I should be of course, but thanks to an over-active thyroid, I can basically eat what ever I want. ) .I hated doing lunch because you had to set up the whole buffet! Ice, dressings, Meats, breads etc. It was really a lot of hard work. And then you got to tear it all down when everyone was finished and went back to work. I do have to say that my body was in tip-top shape back then. Lifting and carrying heavy trays up and down different levels all night long. I remember one day serving lunch and this whole table of young ladies came in and sat at our largest round table. They were all smiling and chattering endlessly to each other. I WANTED TO BE THEM! I WANTED TO GO OUT TO LUNCH WITH THE GIRLS AND BE SERVED. I thought how wonderful it was for them all to go to lunch with their high heels and calf length skirts. Their crisp white blouses and their Coach and Louis purses. I watched them and wished I could be right there with them. Well I finally had to give up my career in serving because I developed tendonitis in my hip from all the up and down movements and the doctor gave me a shot of cortisone. I said “Will this fix it?” “No” He answered. “Only if you stop serving.” And also because I needed a regular paycheck. I had to know what I was bringing home each week instead of guessing what tips I would get. I always tip well. No matter the service, because I was there and I know that the cooks can sometimes make the wrong thing, or the kitchen is backed up and the orders are coming out slow, or maybe the server had a bad day. Whatever its hard work so I tip well. I got a 9-5 job at the real estate office managing all the realtors, their files, their calls, their advertising etc. Well I STILL CANT GO OUT TO LUNCH WITH ANYONE!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE HAS TO BE THERE TO MIND THE PHONES AT ALL TIMES. So I sit in the break room all alone, eating my leftover lunch from last night’s meal. Maybe someday I will be able to sit at a round table of giggling girls eating lunch. I do however have a coach purse, (Thanks to Cindy.)Some really nice calf length skirts and awesome heels. But no one to have lunch with. (Sniff, Sniff)