Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July

Our city celebrates the Fourth of July the week before.
Maybe they get the fireworks cheaper, or maybe just maybe we have it
Early so everyone from all the surrounding towns can come and
Celebrate with us.

That’s probably it. Anyhoooooooo it’s a three day celebration
Culminating with fireworks on Saturday evening. My husband and I
Wait till the sun goes down a bit (yep used to get my best tan on the
Fourth of July) and head up to the park.

What is really neat is for the last five or so years we can spend our
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on ourselves!!! There aren’t little hands reaching
Into our back pockets begging for this t shirt, or this hat, this slushy
Or this double crust deep pan pepperoni pizza slice.

It has been nice hitting the beer/wine booth first and then meandering up and down
The center vendor isle choosing which delectable tastes we want to sample.
This year we had a Greek salad, a huge Italian sausage and some Italian ice.

Ah life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But we do know that our first grand child is coming up the ranks fast so our $$$$$$$$$$$$
Next year will not be ours anymore.

Oh well it was sure nice while it lasted.

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