Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Re- Occuring dream

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I am dreaming of this rundown house we purchased awhile back.
I keep forgetting that we have it.
We must have bought it at a good price.
Every once In a while I remember it
and the fact that we haven’t taken possession of it yet and cleaned it out.
It is always the same house in my dream.
It’s terribly run down on the outside and when I wake up I am so glad that we didn’t really buy this house.

This time I remember telling my Grandpa to come and see it
and he shook my hands off him and made a sound
that he was outraged with the whole idea.

So I looked at my key chain and found the right keys.

My Husband went on ahead of me. That means something.
There were two fire trucks in the garage
that I knew I could get a pretty penny for on ebay.

When I got in the house I yelled hello there!!!!!!!!
And some little children came out.
I was not surprised that the house was occupied.
I told them it was okay and that they could stay.
But some of the older ones would have to pay rent,
which my husband said 250.00 a month was good.

I wanted enough to pay the mortgage, but my husband
Said $250.00 was good enough.

I remember the inside condition of the house was improving
Without us possessing it. I noticed a lot less furniture and antiques.
I remember trying to step out on to the terrace which I was delighted was
There, but not sure that the wooden floor boards would support my weight.

I also remember that the center of the house had become a store. And of course
I picked up some watercolor books and paints. I was surprised that the occupants of
The house hadn’t given us any money from the sales of the store since it was our house.

And then I noticed a white kitchen in the back and knew that it was a test kitchen for
My daughter Amy. It also had an apartment for her.

I awoke and again was glad that we hadn’t purchased that house.

Okay now for the translation. Grandpa, keys, Husband, fire trucks, terrace and rickety floor boards, and children.

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My name is CINDY...... said...

Oh Jeanne that dream sounds like you've got a lot on your mind!! Glad to hear my little book arrived safe. Keep smilimg :0), hugs Cindy