Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Really Weird and Ugly

Isn’t it true that we always find the time to do the things we like?
Well most of the time anyway. Like for instance, I never have time
To do the dishes and the laundry is always piling up. The mail never
Gets sorted. But ohhhhhhhhhh my ATC’S and my dolls are always
A work in progress.

Anyhow, I searched online for a group that makes dolls. Unique and different was what I was hoping for.

Was who I found. The artists there are so NICE. You know sometimes when you join a new group it takes weeks if not even months for someone to say “HI”. Well these Gals are the best. The dolls are creative, different and very unique. So let us hope that I finally found a home for my Really weird and ugly dolls.
If not……. Then that will be the name of my new group I create. Here is a doll Named "Windy" she is for a March swap.


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