Thursday, March 25, 2010

Windy City

As soon as I put all my boots in the back of the closet in their bin (I won’t tell ya how many pairs, that’s another story) the snow started to fall. In Chicago we are kind of used to that. That is why they tell you never to plant your garden before Memorial Day. But some of usStill just don’t listen.

I can see the lilac bush in the front yard starting to bud; as well as the magnolia tree
across the street. This blooming period only lasts about 2 weeks at most, so I love to savor every minute of it.
The little yellow of my forsythia are starting to appear as well as the tulip leaves in my
Back yard.
My absolute favorite is my lilac bushes! I have the light purple and the kind of mauve ones. I would love a bush of the white and the really dark purple.
Though I did promise my husband that I would stop planting things that he would have to dodge and weave around while cutting the grass.
I thought I had a point here, but it eludes me. Lol Any how it’s gray and kind of rainy today here in Chicago. Let’s hope the weekend brings warm spring winds our way.

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