Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is In The Air

On my way to work today, I actually had the window
Part of the way rolled down to get some fresh air.

It was just so nice to hear the birds singing.
Its always a sign of Spring to me.
Especially when I can hear the Male cardinals
singing to woo a mate into their area.

Which brings up a subject.

Why are the male birds so absolutely beautiful and stunning,
while the female birds are dull and sometimes, not always colorless and dull?
I know its nature’s way of helping the males of the species attract and acquire a mate.

From the bright red of the male cardinal to the vibrant blues and teals of the male peacock, it’s obvious the female of the species got a little short changed in the color department.
The same is also seen in the human species on the planet.
Case in point, when a man gets older and grayer- he is a handsome and distinguished man, while the female is just old and wrinkled.

His wrinkles add character to his handsome face, while the female runs to the nearest drug store for the latest wrinkle cream.

IT’S JUST NOT FAIR. Oh well can’t fight city hall.

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