Friday, February 26, 2010

Do the Numbers

Have you ever noticed……… That while driving to work (those of you who are retired GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! )

Many of us do the same motions over and over. We get into the car, adjust the mirrors, Put on the seat belt, make sure there are no people or toys behind us and we pull out of the drive.

We take the same way; make the same stops and turns. And always seem to even
Get behind the same person we drove behind yesterday.

Okay I am a defensive driver and no speed racer, but this person is always in the left lane going 30 miles per hour In a 45 zone!

I am in no hurry to get to work, unless I am running late of course (and that would be due to harvesting my crops on FARMVILLE.) So I just stay behind them and crawl to work.

My point is we all do almost the same thing every day (what are the odds of being behind the same person 4 days in a row? I guess it all comes down to numbers.
Everything in life is a mathematical equation. Which would explain why the show “Numbers” is in its 6th season.

Just my thought for today!!!!


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